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1. I am VERY cat-like. I love to sit and lay on counters, tables, whatever/wherever. But I am dog-like too; I love me a good patch of sun to curl up on and I am pretty much happy all the time and extremely loyal to my friends.
2. I feel MORE of who I AM and who I am suppose to BE than any other time in my life! I am really happy with who that person is.
3. I have an insanely mischievous side. My kids are almost the only people who get to see it. But others say they can see it in my eyes.
4. I have a soundtrack for my life. As I move through my day, it plays like a movie soundtrack. I act accordingly! :-) The songs change but there are some constants that never change. A few of today's songs are:
MADAME GEORGE--by Van Morrison
GLORY BOX--Portishead
CRINAN WOOD--Alexi Murdoch
CANONBALL--Damien Rice
RELATOR--Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansen
and many more..............
5. I LOVE to snuggle, touch and tangle myself with another person but I don't get enough of that in my life, which takes its toll on me quite often!
6. Hands are my favorite part of the body. I LOVE men's hands!
7. I don't like to go barefoot unless it's in the sand or in a river or in tall green grass. I prefer to wear flip flops.
8. Ask me and I will tell you! So be careful what you ask.
9. I use to talk too much. I don't anymore. No one really wants to hear it anyway. So now I am more to the a VERY wordy way! ;-)
10. True love beyond all else...beyond money, stature, education.....
11. A bonus: I DON'T lower my integrity or my boundaries for anything or anybody. Integrity in others is my top priority to being friends and beyond. :-)


You are ALL tagged if you haven't done at least ONE of these. If you have, then do it again! :-)

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  1. leah bernhardt 62 months ago | reply

    inspirational photo riiight heerrre

  2. Patricia Gapske 62 months ago | reply

    You're a hoot! I love your honesty and many things you say hold true for me also.
    I love to talk chatter is not always appreciated. ;-) I've learned to tame it.

  3. Ritu.Raj 62 months ago | reply

    loved the idea and soft tones .. definitely a fav :) ...always good to know new things about other flickr members :D

  4. MySpotlessMind 62 months ago | reply

    This is so fantastic.

  5. chrisps 62 months ago | reply

    just seen this in explore, congrats Jenn

  6. artland 62 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called artland, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  7. Teka e Fabi® 62 months ago | reply

    great shot! love this!

  8. espressoDOM 62 months ago | reply

    namaste along with

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  9. {BlackBird} 62 months ago | reply

    Is so great, love the idea and the colors are really nice!!

  10. Cinco_Mom 62 months ago | reply

    i love these shots. so beautiful.
    oh how i wish i could do that!!! :)

  11. Loes. 62 months ago | reply

    love #4 x]

  12. David Butali 62 months ago | reply

    Beautiful and well composed image, love the light.
    Nice details.
    Please, please, please, post it to

    About you
    The best photos of Flickr are here!
    P1/C2 Sweeper active, Please comment immediately.

  13. {Charlotte.Morrall} 62 months ago | reply

    I love this picture :)

  14. ann7106 62 months ago | reply

    B U T ful my friend.

  15. hamicreek2002 61 months ago | reply

    such a fun shot! well done.

  16. Yané 61 months ago | reply

    first off love your hair and this is a awesome clone job ::)) So cute & creative

  17. magpyi 56 months ago | reply

    i SO relate to this pic! so cool!

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