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"Rebekah Brooks must go" chant protesters at News International HQ - London 08.07.2011


A small-but-dedicated group of protesters descended on the London headquarters of News International in Wapping the day after Rupert Murdoch's News International announced that they were closing down the troubled News of The World newspaper after this coming Sunday's final edition, as their piecemeal response to the phone-hacking scandal which has spectacularly exposed the fact that not only were News of The World (NoTW) journalists at one time commissioning private investigators to obtain thousands of people's mobile phone numbers so their messages and conversations could be spied on, ranging from celebrities, politicians, murdered children and grieving military families to name but a few, but that the NoTW had also been making illegal payments to members of the Metropolitan Police Force to obtain confidential information on the paper's intended victims.


The protesters kept the assembled journalists, photographers and news crews entertained with several light-hearted stunts including waving £10 and £20 notes at the police who had arrived and asking them for confidential information, the handing out of satirical £55 Bank of Wapping banknotes, and handing round Fox's biscuits - a dig at Fox News in the USA.


The activists also demanded an immediate stop to News International's ongoing bid to take 100% ownership of satellite TV company BSkyB. This with came true yesterday after News International announced they were dropping the bid.


Also protesting were several ex-journalists and print-workers who had suffered under Rupert Murdoch's ruthless war with the old Fleet Street print unions in the early 1980's. Others were there to show their disgust at the behaviour of Rupert Murdoch and his family, the destruction of old-style investigative reporting in the print media, and the loss of their pension schemes which happened when a previous Conservative government legislated to allow corporations to raid their employees' pension funds - an exercise in sheer corporate malice which started when the late Robert Maxwell stole the Daily Mirror employees pension fund.


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Taken on July 8, 2011