Day 22: Hindsight is 20/20

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    GTWL- 5 things

    2. Without my contacts i don't have hindsight...hehe. I have been wearing glasses for the last 20 some odd years. Corrected I have 20/20 without I have 20/200, Legally blind is 20/200 corrected, so without glasses or contacts, I'm legally blind.

    1. bethsundquist [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

      Your picture caught my eye in the

      Through Your Eyes to Ours group!

    2. Nicky Deez 83 months ago | reply

      Legally blind?!?!? I'm a bit scared to think your out there on the road drivin' around blind and all. ;-)

    3. eyesogreen 83 months ago | reply

      nicky deez- Oh, don't worry the only time I don't have my glasses on is in the car and my 16 yr old daughter is driving..........I don't care to see IT coming, lol

    4. theresheather 83 months ago | reply

      Good picture and description!

    5. Expressions~of~Me 83 months ago | reply

      Hindsight always reminds me of the Megadeth song called Sweating Bullets. Cool bokeh photo. :D I need glasses but haven't had the cash to get them yet..I am near things to far away become blurry to me, which wouldn't be good if I ever got my license that I have wanted so badly for years now.

    6. Mr.Thomas 83 months ago | reply

      Very cool. Thank you for participating in Hindsight.

    7. QuietHands [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

      This is such a cool shot!

    8. eyesogreen 83 months ago | reply

      thank you all for the great feed back. This was hard to do cause the contact lens is clear.

    9. Wooden sandals in the old days 83 months ago | reply

      Nice photo!
      I always think what people with strong glasses do when they loose their glasses or contacts on a unconvenient moment. Did that ever happen to you?

      kind regards


    10. eyesogreen 83 months ago | reply

      annemarievanl- yes i have had to go without my glass a couple of times, the only thing I couldn't do was drive, but it did give me headaches becasue it strains my eyes. And the longer I go without them the worse the headache gets. I wear extended wear contacts now I only change them every 3 months or so, I like it so much better than glasses.

    11. José Chareyron 83 months ago | reply

      C'est un petit bol!...

    12. eyesogreen 83 months ago | reply

      artbuste2000 - that's how I keep my girlish figure, I eat out of very small bowls.....hehe

    13. ~sg~ [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

      hey... you and me both! :P

    14. Dr Freezo 83 months ago | reply

      This shot is very cool and creative :)

    15. eyesogreen 83 months ago | reply

      ~s.g.d.h.~ yes i am blind as a bat without them.
      ~drfreezo~ thank you, but it took forever, the camera had a hard time focusing on the clear contact, I had to work with the light reflection, but i think it was worth it.

    16. Dr Freezo 83 months ago | reply

      Yeah, it was definitely worth it. Great great shot !

    17. eyesogreen 83 months ago | reply

      ~drfreezo~ thanks again

    18. .Manisha. 80 months ago | reply

      Love this! When I did a similar one earlier on in my 365, I had a tough time getting my lens in focus. Yours is so much better!!

    19. eyesogreen 80 months ago | reply

      manisha - thank you and yes it was very hard to get the camera to focus on the lens and not my finger.

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