TMAX 400 test in Pentax ZX-5n
First shots on new TMAX400 bulk 35mm T-grain film, loaded with a newly acquired 1960's Lloyd bulk loader, in new old stock Kodak Snap-cap cartridge, with recently repaired Pentax ZX-5N (1997) Auto-focus, auto-exposure SLR. Kodak HC110 developer, dilution E, 9:00 at 70F (equivalent to 10:00 at 68F), agitation first 30s then 5s every 30s. One-shot, 2 bath fixation with Ilford Rapid Fixer (10 min in 1+19, 5 min in 1+9). Ilford wash method, plus 2x5min soaks in distilled water, 4 drops photo-flo in 300ml at end. Lightroom settings: Contrast +15, Clarity +15, Medium curve, Sharpen settings 66, 1.3, 39, 14. Plustek Opticfilm scan at 3600 dpi with Vuescan. The Lloyd said 13 turns for 10 exposures, I gave it 14 and ended up with about 11.75 frames (last one partially fogged) so their 13 was probably right for 10 shots. I have some streaks on last 3 frames, on film base side, not sure why. Could be adhesive from tape holding bulk load tight in package (this was the first roll from the bulk film)? Overall, pleased that the new film, loader, snap-cap cartridge, and most of all repaired ZX-5n worked reasonably well.
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