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Berlin 03 - Story of the Sergeant's Nose ! | by pentaxpete
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Berlin 03 - Story of the Sergeant's Nose !

Found some old negatives from when I was in Berlin, Germany in the British Army, Royal Army Medical Corps in BMH Berlin 1956-57 -- I have shown some already on Flickr -- these are mostly from my CONTAX III with 50mm f1.5 Sonnar on PERUTZ PEROMNIA 21 DIN film commercially processed, but a few are on my 1953 British ENSIGN SELFIX 16/20 Model II + 75mm f3.5 Ross Xpres lens on Agfa Isopan film, for which I still have the packet and Bill for D.Marks 1.10 !! BMH Berlin Spandau from the Haunted Gallery where there were lots of COFFINS stored and a Sergeant got drunk one night and broke a window and put his head through laughing at his mates below, then as he withdrew his head he cut the tip of his NOSE off -- I was on Duty that night and got a call to 'Go to the Haunted Gallery and find Sgt Steel's nose' which I did on a ledge and picked it up in cotton wool and took it down and it was stitched back on again. In the wall of the Maternity Block shown we could pick bullet fragments out of the wall as it was a former Gestapo HQ and people used to get shot there.

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Uploaded on November 13, 2014