"Not inordinately."

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    She fell over on my desk and reminded me of Marion Crane.

    1. Falsettoland 40 months ago | reply

      As we say in the mannequin world when one of ours bite the dust..."TIMBERRRRRR!!!"

    2. CuriousRetroRebel [deleted] 40 months ago | reply

      Ah yes, a certain lady who absconded money from her boss and ended up staying at this hotel on the old highway ran by this fella, who was a twisted mama's boy.

      Poor dollie to have such a vile unlucky name. great outfit though. please make sure she doesn't take any showers.

      Did you know that her name in the book was Mary and they changed it Marion for the movie because a lady, who worked for the studio had this name and asked Mr Hitchcock by letter to please not use her name for a character from some cheap horror movie.

    3. Ayîk/Petit Tricotage 40 months ago | reply

      Did she lose her hair in the movie? I don't remember that part.

    4. Salvador LA 40 months ago | reply

      Pretty doll! I'd love to see her wigged xD

    5. markgharris67 40 months ago | reply

      I thought I knew all the Psycho trivia, but I didn't know about the name change! Thanks, Geo! My brain's a bit bigger now. Now my hat will never fit. : )

      Smart alec. Oh, and "Minor Lapses." Okay, you come up with the best groups! (Still haven't gotten together a "what's in her bag" photo because I'm lame.)

      Sal, you've given me a mission! Must make her look "Sal worthy." : )

    6. CuriousRetroRebel [deleted] 40 months ago | reply

      LOL,,, I don't have a life so I read a lot of the crazest crap put out there about movies. However, I do recomend Psycho, the novel by Robert Bloch.

    7. CuriousRetroRebel [deleted] 40 months ago | reply

      I like her bald..Although, I have a fashion queen and those wigs are fun... Still her head is so Symmetrical and perfectly featured that I think she could go bald and get away with it. Besides it make her edgy. Isn't she a cyborg who was made in 1899 out of glass and locked away for a hundred years? If they locked her up because she wouldn't wear a wig then that is wrong on so many levels..

    8. markgharris67 40 months ago | reply

      I used to want to read the novel Vertigo was based on, but I don't have any idea if there's an English translation. What did you think of the novel for Psycho? I assume you saw the movie first; it must be really strange to READ the shower scene! And yeah, I like this doll bald, too, for all the reasons you say! This is a different doll than my cyborg one (not only do I like her bald but sometimes I leave the top half of her head off. haha) They do resemble each other, though. Here she is:

    9. CuriousRetroRebel [deleted] 40 months ago | reply

      The shower scene wasn't the big scene it was in the movie. She had her haed cut off in the book in the shower. Norman Bates was older. other then that the movie mirrors the book.

      I wish I could read Vertigo. I believe there must be one that came out especially after the movie based on it hit theatres.

      There she is in all her Cyper-glass glory. Who could lock her away. I see what you mean it is a different doll.

    10. markgharris67 40 months ago | reply

      Just when I thought the shower scene couldn't be any worse! OUCH

    11. CuriousRetroRebel [deleted] 40 months ago | reply

      In one strike too.. I was 15 when i read it and I remember being amazed that he did it in one strike.

    12. Roaches&Filth 39 months ago | reply

      OH YOU ARE SO DEAD-ON (no pun intended) WITH THIS ONE! Totally Marion Crane down!

    13. Roaches&Filth 39 months ago | reply

      And good Lord, that doll with her skull cap off - it's like some nightmare from "Metropolis!" ::running away::

    14. markgharris67 39 months ago | reply

      "Marion Crane down" hahaha

    15. Phyllis Gabor a.k.a "Pizzazz of the Misfits" [deleted] 33 months ago | reply

      Hot crackers! Mr. Cassidy wasn't kidding when he told Lowery he'd take that $40,000 out of her fine soft flesh. His daughter may not have known a sad day in her life, but this doll looks like she could tell a few tales.

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