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37/52 Dog Shaming

Taken for the "Dog Shaming" challenge in the 52 Weeks for Dogs group. Took me a while to come up with something to shame Barney with. I mean I could have gone with "If I don't know and you surprise me, I may try to eat you alive" but that would seem mean as while that's a problem, it isn't really his fault and he's not being naughty, just scared! He is pretty well behaved really; he doesn't chew stuff, counter surf, climb on the furniture (unless asked), raid the bin, bark excessively, try to escape the garden, or bite the post man. He doesn't even roll in horrible things... Then I remembered his attraction to the cat litter tray and its contents.


Barney has never been a poop-eater, in fact he is terrified of stepping in dog poop and will make me retrieve his ball, if it lands near mess!! For some reason that tray and cat poop has brought the bad dog out in him!! If he spots any mess in there, Barney will sneak in, gobble it up and then slink out again, licking his chops. I've caught him a couple of times but mostly I just find the tray is mysteriously clean... Barney has also been known to use the tray as a bathroom. Not because he needs to go - whenever he's been caught cocking his leg over the tray it is always just after he's been let out in the garden. Probably just does it to annoy the cat ;-) Well, she does steal his food... and smack him in the face, I can see why he'd like to get his own back!!


*After I took this, my auntie reminded me of another fault he has which is also shameful... He likes to run at people and crash into their legs. Barn damaged my aunt' Achilles tendon to the extent where she's still experiencing problems a year later. He's run into my face while I've been crouched taking photos (although he's not done it in a long time), crashed into my step-mum a few times, knocked my flat on his back (in snow!) - nearly into an electric fence, and sent a complete stranger flying when she "got in the way"... Bad, BAD dog!


Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!!

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Taken on September 15, 2012