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30/52 A Tour of the Royal Crescent

Barney and I currently live just a ten minute train ride away from the famous Roman city of Bath Spa. I go into the city quite a bit but have never taken Barney before because usually I want to visit the shops, or go to the museums - or my favourite: the Roman baths (I did Latin up to GCSE level at school, so the Romans fascinate me). However, as it was such a nice day today, my mum, Barney and I took the train into Bath, skirting round the shops, going instead to the Crescent and a nearby park, as a nice alternative to our usual places to walk the dog. Barney seemed to enjoy having a new place to explore and new canine newspapers to read on all the trees and lampposts - although he was a little irritated I kept him on the lead most the time as it was just too busy and too hot to let him run loose!


Every time I've visited Bath in the past few months, I've wished I had Barney so I could get a nice photo of him in front of the Royal Crescent, which is one of the popular tourist spots in the city - a great arc of the most beautiful Georgian houses.This wasn't quite what I had in mind but it was sooo hot that Barney didn't really want to pose or bounce about and my brain was too fried to think creatively... So, here's a typical tourist-type shot of Barney on the grass with the Crescent behind. I'm sure Barney will be sticking it in his little scrap-book of "places I've visited"!! Perhaps when it's cooler (and there are fewer people around) in the autumn, I'll go back with Barney and take another photo but in the meantime, I do like this - at least he's smiling and the sun is shining :)


Thanks for the comments about Barney's health recently!! His ear is now much better, don't think there's a grass seed in it, looks like he simply got it damp once too often... I'll be sure to dry his ears more thoroughly when he swims in the future! The patch on his leg, which got infected, is still looking rather sore and unpleasant but hopefully the antibiotics will kick in during the next day or two and at least he doesn't appear to be licking it very much and causing further problems, now he's had a steroid injection from the vet. Vets again Friday - fingers crossed he'll be back to his normal healthy self soon :)

Hope everyone has a lovely week and a good weekend too!

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Taken on July 25, 2012