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Sea Urchin

Hey there, puny human.... why have you stopped throwing toys for me? Is your arm broken? Did your opposable thumb stop opposing, thereby rendering you incapable of throwing duties?

What? No!! You are shivering and limping and can barely hold your head up. Rest for a minute...

I did NOT give you permission to cease the throwing!! I say when I am tired and I. Am. Not. Tired. Unless you are physically incapable, we will continue playing.

You need to rest. And, what did your last slave die of Barney? I'm not here to do your bidding!

I do not need rest and the slave died of over-work... And of course humans are here to do dogs' bidding. Why else would you have opposable thumbs, just perfect for door opening, can opening and throwing a ball. Now, two-legged cat - you need to throw the the toy for me.

Don't you swear at me Barney-dog!!

Don't insult my stamina by suggesting I'm tired then!

But Barney, you've been running and swimming for 4 hours... this is mad! Just rest for 10 minutes. Then I'll play! (crosses fingers behind back!)

No. You lie, you want me to become fat and soft, like you puny humans who sit and "admire the view"...

Oi!! That's a bit rude Barney. I am not playing with you at all now.

You disappoint me hooman. Ahh, I spy with my collie eye... tiny-hoomans!! Most excellent, they are easily persuadable. They will do my bidding.

Barn!!? Come back here! Come ba... Oh, I give up.

Hey there small puny humans, ahem I mean most gracious and powerful young men... Throw this for me! (Wags tail, squeaks hopefully)


Much obliged.


Barney gets annoyed when there's water around, yet his humans spitefully refuse to play!! Even completely exhausted, he was STILL pestering for play. This is his "pitiful face". It's accompanied by squeaking and shivering. Clearly didn't know where to put himself and sulked terribly when I sat away from the water. Started squeaking like an old door than needs oiling and traipsing back and forth between me and the sea. He'd stand a few feet away, just far enough that I couldn't grab him and put a lead on - not that we fight over that sort of thing but I know he knew I was contemplating enforced rest!!


Finally, he'd turn, hobble back to the sea. Where he'd make his own "fun", (whilst whining pitifully) by sticking his head right under the waves (hence the fur-do!) and finding a large pebble. He'd then painstakingly "rescue" it with his front paws. A few times he picked it up in his mouth, which I think was a ploy for attention - he never normally does that and it resulted in my instant focus - don't want him wrecking teeth! Eventually some small boys were coerced into a game - resulting in speedier hobbling,less pathetic squeaking and an absence of pitiful face! He only succumbed to exhaustion back at the car, which he fell into, before falling straight to sleep... Collies, they're bonkers.

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