Jolly Collie at Crufts. (Lots more doggies in comments!)

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    The three border collies representing the breed at Discover Dogs at Crufts must have been some of the most friendly, cuddly collies I ever met!! Most BCs I've seen and as I'm utterly obsessed with the breed I've got to know quite a few, are frankly disinterested at best when it comes to strangers (unless they have toys!) and certainly take a little while to warm up to people, often being quite choosy even after the initial wariness has passed. Not the dogs at the show - look at that smile the brown and white was giving me, whilst being patted by at least two people at once. There was teeny blue merle bitch at the stand as well, who pressed herself against the bars and spent ages just letting me stroke her silky soft fur :) Very cute.

    Spent a wonderful a day at Crufts, mostly wandering around Discover Dogs, squeaking about various rare breeds I'm interested in... My friend and I were amazed by the wonderful temperaments and good behaviour of the vast majority of pups at the show. Huge numbers of dogs packed in together and everyone seemed pretty calm, more than that, all the dogs I saw accepted strangers of all kinds strolling over and throwing their arms around them, kids wanting cuddles, adults stroking them without any "introductions" (I did try and let dogs sniff me and choose to let me stroke them - and got plenty of licks in return!). Nice to see so many well loved doggies who clearly loved people too... Haven't been licked so much by so many dogs in a long time - one of the Ibizan hounds even leapt up and put his paws on my shoulders for a proper cuddle, about 5 minutes after I'd met him.

    Also spent time watching some of the hound group judging - the Sloughis, Elkhounds and Pharaoh Hounds. Would have liked to go and watch the Basenji's (I love that breed!) but couldn't find them!! I'd forgotten how massive the NEC is :) Did a little shopping, though I managed to restrain myself better than I thought. Did buy Barney a toy, which he loved and killed in the same evening - worth buying it to see him enjoying himself so much though. Anyway, had lots of fun and if I could, would have taken quite a few doggies home with me - oh, took bucket loads of photos too, of which I've shown quite a few below. I was very reluctant to use the flash when photographing - other people were but I know how some dogs don't really like it so I did the best I could with the light :)

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    1. weeminimags. 26 months ago | reply

      Beautiful dogs. Wish i had been there. Great shots, glad you had a nice time:-)

    2. Stuart`Dootson 26 months ago | reply

      Some nice pictures of some wonderful dogs, Meg - I guess taking Barney was out of the question really…

      And I agree with you about flash…the only fair way to use flash with an animal (IMO) is to use some form of diffusion (bounce off a celling, for example), which wouldn't work at the NEC - the ceiling's too far away! Much better to make best use of available light...

    3. meg price 26 months ago | reply

      Only invited doggies allowed at Crufts... besides, Barney would have HATED being there - all those people trying to pat him, all those dogs smelling him would have been much too much! He'd much rather be running around the garden at home, although when I left in the morning he did look awfully miffed :)

    4. titizinha "Cristina" 26 months ago | reply

      Olá Meg!!! Linda foto!!!

    5. itsjustme1340-Ress 26 months ago | reply

      wonderful dogs !! great fun i am sure !!

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    6. Andromeda Honds 26 months ago | reply

      Wow that's the pointiest nosed malanois I've seen! Lovely captures, lovely dogs, I love the ibizans. :D

    7. tizlindus.. Linda thorn 26 months ago | reply

      Beautiful show dog..I don't think they would let my Harley through the gate.

    8. meg price 26 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I'd never seen one quite so pointy either!! She was also really small compared to most Malinois I've come into contact with, not that I've know many :)

    9. dr.Ozda 26 months ago | reply

      What a wonderful gathering of dogs. I like many of those breeds you showed and some (the Canaan and Jindo) remind me of Alaskans.

    10. Spangles44 Blinkagain dont like fllickr 26 months ago | reply

      Wonderful and magical image - what superb details and focus too - just popping by to say hi - under personal pressure right now! Will catch up properly next time!


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    11. Spangles44 Blinkagain dont like fllickr 26 months ago | reply

      sending you a separate email meg

    12. champbass2 26 months ago | reply

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    13. sparrowfinch 26 months ago | reply

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    14. raccoon-00 26 months ago | reply

      How interesting! Most of these I've never seen before, thanks for showing them to us. The Canaan sure looks pretty. Of course the bc looks the best, (no bias here.)

    15. OzPawz 25 months ago | reply

      Lovely collection of beautiful dogs!

    16. TammyTalking 25 months ago | reply

      I love the collie's coloring. It is so interesting seeing these unusual dogs...many are new to me.

      In addition to being annoying a flash can be harmful if too close...for babies and animals especially. You did swell with the lighting you had.

    17. sure2talk 25 months ago | reply

      Beautiful pictures, you did well with the light - I really don't like takign pictures at Crufts because the light is so bad and like you I won't use flash there. I love the Korean Jindo, I saw one several years ago at Crufts before there were any breeders in the UK.

    18. Dogloverlou 25 months ago | reply

      I can't believe i missed these! I love all the pics, but have to say the Hovawart is my favourite! The Canaan Dog is gorgeous though. Did you stop by the Azawakh stand?

    19. Cool Dogs 23 months ago | reply

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    20. 007 Photo Guy 21 months ago | reply

      I've got an Aussie that looks a lot like that show dog... though not show material herself. Got to love them!

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