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2/52 Curious Canines, Clever Kitties and a New Canon Camera! | by meg price
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2/52 Curious Canines, Clever Kitties and a New Canon Camera!

Barney giving me a slightly quizzical look last night, while I sat on the kitchen floor, getting in everyone's way and messing about with my new camera, taking pictures of any pets silly enough to stray into range :) I'd been planning on buying the camera on-line as it was a bit cheaper but changed my mind after a rather frustrating hospital visit yesterday morning! Nothing dreadful happened, I'd just been expecting to get info on what's happening next with scans and check-ups etc but wasn't told anything more... Also, was told I could see a dentist as I've been having some problems related to radiotherapy, that have been causing quite a lot of pain and making me bleed on and off for a week, but after waiting over an hour, was told the dentist was fully booked and I'd have to see him next week... Grr!!


Anyways, I left feeling a bit stressed and down in the dumps, so decided it was worth paying a bit extra to get my camera right NOW and stopped off at a camera shop on the way home :) So glad I did!! I spent a lovely evening "tormenting" my poor hound, who has pretty much escaped being photographed since the end of August, then hunted down the cats and my hamster Pippin. Forgot all about hospitals, scans, pain and dentists - it's just so nice to be doing something I really enjoy again. I hadn't realised how much I'd missed photography actually... Barney made me laugh because he quite clearly remembers what the click of the shutter means - food and/or toys!! The moment I started snapping he got fantastically excited and was trying to do all his tricks at once - this shot was taken a bit later, once he'd calmed down but you can see how expectant he was :) The cats and hamster were less impressed...


I continued the tormenting today...although I'm pretty tired from yesterday's trip to hospital (if I do something one day, I have to rest the next atm but that's OK!), so was restricted to indoor "pet stalking". Barney wanted to be in ALL the shots, so nothings changed there then... Eventually I shut him out of the room! One of the cats has now come round to the idea of photography too - Elsie (some of you may remember her - she came to university with me) is very food motivated and I've basically been clicker training her with the camera shutter as the "clicker" this afternoon. I've been pleased with the shots I've got so far and am so happy to have my own camera, though I'm going to have to be a bit careful with how much I use it for now. My right arm (used in the reconstruction of my tongue, I had flesh removed from the arm, then a skin graft) was really starting to complain after a while - my tendons are a bit wrecked from surgery, they'll strengthen back up soon enough - they better had, anyway! ;-)

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Taken on January 10, 2012