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Loyal Friends (24/42) | by meg price
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Loyal Friends (24/42)

Barney's very much a one person dog, he always keeps an eye and an ear open to keep track of what I'm up to and he is very sensitive to my moods, happy or otherwise, he's known as "the Fusspot". A complete softie with me, to the point that my dad shakes his head in despair, and calls Barney my "stalker"! He's not constantly trying to get my attention but I'm always under surveillance & he'll take any chance he can to have a cuddle, or just get up close. My constant shadow. I have to be careful actually, if I'm tired and distracted, or run down because he has been known to take over responsibility and start guarding me from "dangerous" strangers, not something I appreciate!


Dilly, however is generally more aloof and quiet. A bit like a cat, she's happy to accept and show affection (she's a loving little thing) if I instigate it but doesn't often actively seek out a fuss from me, or choose to sit with me. She's more my dad and step-mum's dog really, I didn't see her much until she was 4 and then Barney came along a couple of years later, so although we're fond of each other, she's not really "mine". Generally she's quite low key kind of pup - she's not one of those dogs that regularly wants to be fussed over, or who runs up and licks you, or lie with their head in your lap for hours.


This last week has been a bit fraught; I've been feeling cross-eyed and upset. Barney can be relied upon to keep me company if I'm ever out of sorts: he'll accept any amount of cuddles, look appropriately serious, accompany me for long walks to nowhere (I like being outside if I'm stressed!), then do something silly and make me laugh! He's been extra cuddly and watchful this week, but what was sweet was that I noticed Dilly has been too. She's been very, very loving and affectionate. She's been seeking out my company unasked, cuddling up to me, staying close even when she has to put up with her big oaf of a brother nearly treading on her head. She's a quiet, restful dog to be with, it's been lovely having two doggie pals to sit with, walk with and generally keep me sane. Don't know where I'd be without this pair! :)


I'd had another shot in mind that I'd taken at the very start of the week for Dilly's project but then I took this & it seemed appropriate considering these two have been my constant shadows the last few days! Anyway, sorry I've not been around at all this past week, I think things should be easier now and I'll catch up with you all soon!


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Taken on June 19, 2011