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Innocence? | by meg price
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Bounce, bounce, bounce!! A-bouncy, bounce, bounce.

"Wait, Barney, could you just lie down for a second, so I can take a photo?"

Bouncey, bounce, POUNCE!...

"- Sorry, what did you say, mum?"

"Lie down, please!"

"Right, OK."

...Bounce, wriggle...


"Ooh, sorry! I... it was... there was this leaf... and I just..."

"Barney, stay still!"

"Ooh, ooh... but, but..."

"Now, you stay. Staaay."

"Ooh, aah, but... I just... Over there... There's a... a..."

"Barney, you stay just there one more moment!"

"I, I... yes, well but can't I just? I mean..."

"Barney, you be good!"

"Ooh, erm... do I have to?"


CLICK!! (That was the camera!)

BOING (That was Barney!)...


Off he bounced. No leaf or twig was safe, the invisible squirrels trembled in their trees, Dilly skittered off in a hurry to escape being pounced on by her big brother. I did not skitter quick enough and was given a quick kiss/nip on the nose as a thanks!! Next moment he was attempting to pounce on my little cousins too... Yes, don't believe that innocent face, Barney was plotting mischief when I took this. He reeeeally wanted to be running around, so when I asked him to lie down, he pressed himself as flat as a black and white pancake! Trying to glue himself to the ground I think... I always know he's going to be up to no good when he flattens himself like this. In fact, the flatter he is, the more likely he is to leap up and dance away at any second :)


Hope everyone is having a great week :) Oh, thanks so much everyone for joining in Barney's challenge, I was amazed how many people joined in, posting their photos and many even teaching their dogs a completely new trick. I have now made a gallery as a celebration of all those clever doggies who have balanced everything from leaves, to tennis balls and biscuits on their heads (and paws!). If any of you have photos and I've not added them to the gallery, let me know. I think I got everyone but there might be one or two clever pups I've not yet included :) New photos are also welcome, of course... the challenge is still open!!

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Taken on October 27, 2010