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Skyward | by meg price
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Barney the explorer!! Always ready to go up, down, under, over or through any obstacle in his path... He likes to be up high and will regularly scramble up to the top of boulders of banks of earth, have a look around and then fly back down again (sometimes making scarily large leaps) - he once just flew off a ledge that must have been almost ceiling hight! He'd gone up there for a quick explore and when I called him back down, thinking he'd take the same route he'd taken on the way up, he just leaped off the top, much to my horror. He seemed to be in the air for a very long time... Of course, he was absolutely fine, landed as neatly as though he'd just hopped off the front step and galloped off at top speed, a big happy grin on his face, while I recovered from my shock!


While he loves jumping over fallen trees, styles and fences, as well as scrambling up walls, banks and big boulders like the one he's running up here, Barney's favourite non-toy-chasing activity is still jumping up at the trees in search of "squirrels". The sight of a dog racing along hedgerows, occassionally leaping up and down apparently at nothing, with wild enthusiasm and sometimes even trying to snatch at the branches overhead - understandably fascinates both humans and canines.


People often just grind to a halt and stare at him as he whips round and round a tree bouncing up and down, LOL, if I had a pound for every time someone has asked "hey, what's that dog doing?" I'd be rich! It's the response of other dogs that make me giggle though! They come over to say hello and Barney's regular response is to bolt for the nearest tree or hedge and start leaping up at it... The other dog just watches in complete bemusement and then quickly backs off when they realise they are likely to get landed on (he is blind to dogs when on a squirrel hunting mission!). Of course, Dilly's used to his antics - you can almost hear her rolling her eyes at the pup's silliness...

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Taken on August 17, 2010