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Home Again! | by meg price
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Home Again!

Haha, this one just makes me smile... I don't think his tongue could be any longer :) We were in the middle of a long walk Barney, Dilly and I went on a few days before I left for France. I only meant to have a short walk, on one of the smaller hills in the background of this pic but wonderful weather meant I was reluctant to go home. We ended up staying out hours longer than I'd planned, eventually walking (or in Barney's case, loping) up to the highest point of the Malverns (not that high - around 1,300ft). I love walking on the hills of course, but even seeing them from a distance makes me happy... They're the first thing I look for when coming home: from miles away you can spot them rising in an orderly line out of the flood plains of Worcestershire, it's a nice sight when you've been away for awhile :)


Barney was ecstatically happy to see me (the feeling was mutual!) when I arrived this afternoon. He was already bounding down the hall as I turned the key and opened the front door. I had to stand outside for 10 minutes while he just leaped up and down, tripping on my suitcase, crashing into my legs, throwing himself on the floor in a wriggling heap and just as I reached down to pat him, leaping up again, to lick my face! When I finally got inside he pounced on his kong, proudly prancing back to show me, shaking his head ferociously and doing a funny little dance with his front paws. Finally, he led the way back to the garden, tail curled jauntily over his back and a cheeky grin on his face that was an invitation (or perhaps demand is the right term) for play :) I couldn't resist...


It's lovely having such a fantastic welcome home but I'm glad I've got no plans to for a long holiday or visit with relatives soon - I hate saying goodbye to him - especially as he knows what a suitcase is. Whenever I bring the case downstairs, he immediately goes into sulk mode (he has bitter experience with me bringing my case down and then leaving for university for 3 months). Unless I'm gathering his bowls, leads, toys etc he will go very quiet and subdued. I call him and he won't come, he just stares at the suitcase, then at me and stays where he is, head on his paws. It is a truly pitiful sight and one that breaks my heart (even though I know, after a day of sulking he's back to his happy self!!) Yes, I had a lovely time but I'm glad to be back and I think Barney's pretty pleased too :)

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Taken on August 17, 2010