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Leap of Faith | by meg price
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Leap of Faith

Typical Barney - give him something to climb, something to leap off and he'll be there! He is as agile as a goat and pretty much as determined as one too. He'd been running for maybe two hours up and down the hills when I took this (and the shot below) but when we reached my favourite rocky outcrop he hopped up with as much enthusiasm as a dog who'd just got out the car. He leaped on and off this rock maybe half a dozen times without a looking the slightest bit reluctant, then led me further up the hill to the summit and played there too.


Haha, you'd think he was after a ball here, wouldn't you? However, I rarely take toys up on the Malvern Hills, simply because Barney has other things to occupy himself with. Ohh, he'd chase a ball alright, but then he'd get distracted by a bird, or a rabbit, or another dog and the ball, forgotten, would get lost! So, instead, I was chucking tiny pebbles down the hill as a signal to him to leap off the rock. I know about the damage rocks can do to a dogs' teeth but don't have to worry with Barney - he never picks stones up. It's all about the chase with him. To be honest, I can throw anything: a pebble, a bit of grass, a tiny twig and he'll leap after it with wild joy and then run back for more, handy when you're taking photos :)


Hope you're having a good week!! Oh, I will be around for the next day or two probably but will be away from Friday this week, for a while. My aunty and her family are taking me to France for 10 days!! As you can imagine I'm pretty excited, just keeping my fingers crossed the weather will be OK :)

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Taken on August 17, 2010