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Time for Tea? | by meg price
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Time for Tea?

How could anyone resist that face? "Doggy din-dins" as we call it, (don't ask!) is of course a very exciting moment in any dog's day! Every evening, Barney and Dilly rush to their beds in the kitchen, waiting impatiently while I get their dinners ready. Then they scurry forward, sitting in front of me, Dilly on my left, Barney on the right. I put the food on the floor and they wait for a second or two, shivering with excitement, till I say it's OK to eat (Barney gets a second or two's head start because he eats soo slowly and Dilly WILL steal his food given half a chance!).


Hehe! I love this shot :) Partly just because Barney looks cute (well, I think he does!) but mainly because him holding a bowl in his mouth long enough for me to take some photos is a real achievement!! Barney is NOT the sort of dog who naturally likes to pick random objects up and carry them around. I thought it would be a good idea to teach him "Hold it". We started this Easter; I placed things in his mouth, gently holding his jaws shut for a second before giving him a treat. We started off with a twig, then his lead...


He will now hold pretty much anything I give him (provided it's not too heavy!) and we've gradually upped the length of time he holds things for too :) He's still not utterly convinced by the idea and I don't think he'll be carrying the newspaper home any time soon. He was a very good boy during our little training/photography session this morning though, happily posing for the camera and enjoyed the treats I kept chucking at him every now and again :) Good boy, Barney!!

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Taken on May 27, 2010