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Ready and Waiting...

"I can wait here all day for you to throw that ball.... so just give up, save yourself the trouble and throw it now!"


Crouched to the floor and lying in wait, with an earnest and serious expression, Barney really would wait all day if he had too... If I don't throw the toy straight away, Barney starts off "persuading me" to play by running around in circles and bouncing at me, but if I keep holding back, he quickly changes tactics and flops to the floor, lying utterly still :) Strange that dogs with such huge amounts of energy and such a love of running can be still as furry, intense little statues when they want to...


He'll be getting some nice NEW toys soon, it's his 3rd birthday on Halloween, so I'll take some presents with me next time I visit, which will hopefully be soon (although sadly I won't be able to make it down on the day, as I have lots of work to hand in next week...) I should also be getting some free treats and toys for him soon, as a lovely "thank you" from a company that's going to be using some photos of him on their new website, so that'll be nice :)


I hope you are having a wonderful week, I've had some computer problems the last few days (my laptop adapter started making popping noises, then started giving off a burning smell!!), so haven't been on Flickr, I'll be catching up with you all soon :)

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Taken on October 27, 2009