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Barney's Been Tagged :) | by meg price
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Barney's Been Tagged :)

I've been tagged by Bordadorhund, so here's 10 things about Barney, I've done this sort of thing before, but I'll try and think of some different things to tell you :) I may also do 10 things about Dilly at some point...


1. Barney was born on 31st October 2006, so he's my little were-puppy :) Not long till his 3rd birthday - he'll be a proper grown up, sensible dog then. Ha!! My granddad's old sheepdog was about 12 years old before he slowed down :)


2. We are his third family, in his first he was beaten by a middle aged woman (even now he's wary of some women), in his second he was out of control, herding teenagers, hyper in the house and snapping at strangers. We rescued him only a couple of hours off being put to sleep at the age of 16 months.


3. My first border collie, actually, the first dog who is truly "mine", he's not the easiest dog to start with but we seem to muddling along pretty well!! (My dad and step-mum have both had dogs before). Luckily, I also spent a lot of my childhood and teenage years pouring over books about border collies, dog behaviour and training, which has come in handy!!


4. He HATES the sound of gun shot (or other bangs), he will try and hide if hears a bang, although after a lot of work this summer, he's started to get a bit better and will usually just walk next to me, off lead, till he's calmed down. He is a very highly strung, nervy dog, even for a collie but we've worked through his other issues, so I'm sure perseverance will pay off in the end...


5. He is a rather quiet dog, rarely barking but he likes a good howl, and will make strange squeaking/ wailing noises when he's excited to see me or if he's very excited about something :)


6. When we got Barney, he didn't know about the joy of chasing tennis balls, I had to teach him to play with them, didn't take too long! Now he's utterly obsessed with anything round and bouncy :)


7. Barney is now a really snuggly dog, he wasn't at all at first though, wriggling away from being held but now loves nothing more than jumping on my lap and having a cuddle. My dad says I've turned him into a complete baby :)


8. He is a big boy (for a border collie anyway!): 23 ins (58 cm) at the shoulder and weighs approx 55lbs (25kg), or maybe a bit more.


9. He has what we call a "teflon coat", dirt and water slide off him, useful after muddy winter walks, not so good when he has a bath!! Takes ages to get him properly wet, so I can shampoo him, poor dog!!


10. Most of all Barney is just very, very loving. It often takes quite a while for him to warm up to people, he can be quite shy or give the impression of aloofness, but once you've gained his trust and affection he is amazingly sweet, eager to please, loyal and protective :)


I'm tagging Feelin' blue, Stuart Dootson, Paradis Photography, serena. photography, karen_pr1mo, DutchImage, sandra_s, J. T. Photography, Dexell1827 and Hermio82. If you'd like to join in, I'd love to hear more about one or more of your pups :)

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Taken on October 4, 2009