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Take the Plunge!

Barney leaping off a low wall at our local pond, he was VERY happy to go swimming this evening, as we haven't been on this walk for a couple of weeks and a couple of weeks without swimming is a long time for Barney! When we first had him, he wouldn't go past his hocks in water, then his elbows, then after a couple of months of encouragement he finally started swimming. A couple of months later, he started jumping off this little wall :) He now can't get enough of the water and is never happier than when dripping wet, even in the dead of winter...


This pond is very popular with the local dog walkers, on a sunny afternoon there can be 10 dogs and it's only a tiny pond. When this happens, it is a bit of mad scramble with dogs racing to get their tennis balls and sticks before they're stolen by a quicker canine. Being a collie, Barney has thought this problem through, he often can't out swim labs and other water dogs, so instead he zooms round and round the edge first and finds the shortest, most direct route to jump in and swim to the toy, it is an effective solution and he doesn't often loose his toys!!


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