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Running Back

Out for a walk on a common in summer, it's always so beautiful... Barney loves the freedom to run around and all the rabbit burrows to sniff! The only downside is the odd flock of sheep we see, I have to be on watch for them, he's not terrible around livestock but occasionally you see the light bulb goes on and it occurs to Barney sheep would probably be more exciting to herd than a tennis ball. No serious problems, so far...


Luckily, Barney's recall is fantastic, even if he's really distracted, whistle or shout his name and he whips round and runs back. If all else fails I say "Bye Barney" and very deliberately walk off in the other direction, a few seconds later, you usually see a blur as he runs past. Here, I had simply called him back to take a photo, I love that happy face :)


Hope you had a good weekend, don't know how much I'll be on Flickr this week... I've got a couple more exams to do, which means lots of revision!!

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Taken on July 20, 2008