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    This chair was in my grandma's house for a long time. When she was downsizing, she was going to get rid of it and I said NO! Even though, at the time, my mom had no room at her apartment and I was living in a dorm. So, my dad kept it at his apartment until the day came that I moved away, and I took it with me! It's big and comfy and pine green!

    My grandma gave me the cathedral window pillow last summer. She bought it to study while she was making my faux cathedral window quilt... she said "I like the pattern but these colors are so ugly!" at which point, my mom told her "Then you never want to go to HER apartment, because the living room is in greens and oranges!" And it is. So my grandma gave me the pillow and it fits in perfectly :)

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    1. Jessa Gallagher ages ago | reply

      Wow, that chair looks EXACTLY like the recliner in my mother's den. Same color and design and everything! Too weird. And I never knew that there was a name for that kind of pillow... I'm assuming it's due to the design? Very awesome. And it does go perfectly. ;)

    2. starshaped ages ago | reply

      I think the chair and pillow look great together!

      We used to have a green chair that color, but it was cheaply made and not very comfortable. Yours looks much nicer :).

    3. sassenach ages ago | reply

      I just had a weird thought, but does the chair still smell like your grandma's house, even though it has been a while? (I'm big on the smell/memory connection, hehe.)

    4. aspenglow ages ago | reply

      girl starlight, this one isn't a recliner, so maybe once upon a time there was a set? I'm imagining this one is from the 70's. It has an odd shape... almost like a fat mushroom. That sounds weird! Cathedral Window is a quilting pattern, yes! :)

      starshaped, thanks, they seem MFEO ;) This one is so comfortable. I have slept in it before. Not really on purpose, but it can be done, hehe.

      sassenach, no, I don't think it does anymore. It's been... oh... nearly 7? years since it moved away from her, so it's probably worn off now. Scented memories are fascinating. Like, have you ever smelled something that smelled like an old toy of yours? It's so WEIRD.

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