CDV - Hacienda de Imaculada
I made my first trip down to a Mexican orphanage after over a year. We visited Hacienda Imaculada which is a previously unvisited shelter for me.

The following is a description of the orphanage from the CDV web site:

This is a home in the Matamoras region in Tijuana. Run by Madre Virginia, a former hermit in the Catholic faith, the home was in serious need of funds for food, but with CDV support now has plentiful food. The physical plant is in great shape, it is just in a very remote, and very poor area of TJ. They are in need of funds for school supplies, medicines, and many physical plant needs. Mothers who had no place to go - no home, and no resources, staff the home. These women brought their children to Hacienda to find shelter and care for all of the children in exchange for room and board. All the children and adults sleep in one large dorm room.

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