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VIEW IN LIGHTBOX. Or not. WEll, you decide if you want to see all the flaws in this or not. Meh.


So this pretty much has no concept, it was just a last minute edit thing.

The background image was taken a long time ago with Bert, and the other pictures (the whole thing is made up of three photos in total) were taken a few days ago with Kenny.


So the dance is tomorrow and then I'll finally have more time for stuff. And the play will be over next week too.


Also, my brother drove for the first time the other day, and today the second time, and I was in the car with him, and I never thought it would be this nerve-wracking haha. But he did okay.


I found out a while ago that I actually have a really bad temper, and when things frustrate or annoy me, I am in danger of losing control and just smashing everything around me, which is not good. Not good at all. Like today, when the internet was SO. SLOW. I just wanted to smash the computer and I almost broke the mouse in trying to keep myself from bashing in the screen. Not good.


YC is in 22 days! =D


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Taken on July 10, 2010