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It's getting harder to stay awake

And my strength is fading fast

You breathe into me at last


I'm awake, I'm alive

Now I know what I believe inside

Now it's my time

I'll do what I want 'cause this is my life


(Here, right now)

Right here, right now

Stand my ground and never back down

I know what I believe inside

I'm awake, and I'm alive


~ Skillet


GUESS WHAT, I HIT THE BIG 30 (and 0 and 0 and 0) TODAY!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! 30000 views on my photostream, I can't believe it. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! <3


I'm a LOT more happy with this than I was with yesterday's photos, but today it was FREEZING! Oh, and this kinda looks like it could be the winter version of this. :D


Tonight Chelsea and I are going to Hero Night at Youth as Hero Chelsea and her Cool Sausage (me) :D :D It's gonna be amazing.


And you can't see it here, but I have a Deathly Hallows symbol on my right hand ♥


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1. I couldn't feel my hands or toes after this shoot... but I hope it was worth it :)

2. I hate maaaaaath. Buuuut, next semester WE DON'T HAVE MATH!!!! :D yay yay yay yay *jumping up and down*

3. My iPod doesn't have internet on it at home anymore because internet is retarded and won't work on it :(

4. Now I can only go on it at school.

5. When I went outside to take pictures today everything looked so incredibly beautiful! It was windy so the wind was blowing the top layers of snow across the field and it looked like rippling waves of water, and the sun shining on it made it just that much more gorgeous.

6. I don't know what camera to get :( I like the D5000 I think, because it's the poor man's D90 apparently, and I am DEFINITELY poor :D

7. I can't wait til toniiiiiiight.

8. I haven't gotten explored in weeks, maybe even months... what's up with that? Oh well, haha, I actually don't really care... I just wondered :D

9. I really wanna be in Racing Minds magazine... DID YOU HEAR THAT RACING MINDS PEOPLE? :D

10. But I'll have to be amazing for that first...

11. You should really check out her writing, it's just breathtaking.

12. I wanna write a book... any ideas?


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