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Light Steam Landship Mk. LXIII (side)

Essentially an up-scaled version of one of the most popular fighting vehicles of the Great Steam War, the Mark XIV Steam Tank, the Light Steam Landship is capable of unheard-of speeds for its size thanks to its twin boilers and packs walloping firepower in the form of a heavy cannon and two light turrets. This agile landship is able to maintain a high top speed even in turning, unlike conventional tracked vehicles, due to its innovative bogie tracks that swivel when changing direction. This and other locomotive-like features lend it the nickname “The Overland Railship”. The commander not only directs the stokers and gun crew, but also drives the vehicle from the cupola. A coal screw moves the coal from the bunker in the rear under the commander’s cupola and onto the footplate for the stokers to shovel into the firebox.

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Taken on August 14, 2011