Baobing in Kaohsiung

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    Baobing (Chinese: 刨冰), called tsua-bing (Chinese: 剉冰; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: chhoah-peng) in Taiwanese Hokkien, is a shaved ice dessert very common in Taiwan, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam. It is especially popular during the summer. Baobing was eaten in China as early as the seventh century .

    To create the dessert, a large mound of ice shavings are first placed on a plate. In the past, ice shavings were created by hand, either by using a large mallet to crush ice into fine pieces, using a large freehand blade to shave off ice, or turning a hand-cranked machine to do the same. In modern times, a special machine is used, resulting in ice-shavings which are much finer and thinner than in the past. Some establishments may still produce their ice by hand, and thus the texture varies across the island. To the ice shavings a variety of toppings may be added. In the past, mainly colored syrup was added, in a matter similar to Italian ice. However, today numerous toppings are used, and the syrup is sometimes left out. Fruit toppings for baobing might include strawberries, mangoes, watermelon, and so on.

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