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Alice's dream 223/365

It was bad. So bad that Alice knew she had to do something.


The dream had seemed pleasant at first. She was back in Wonderland, and she'd just met two new friends, Frankie and Bingo.


Bingo, a silly monkey, had been entertaining her with his quirky tricks and funny jokes. Frankie, a little cow, didn't like his horsing around at first, but then she'd loosened up. They'd all been sharing a big laugh when the mood suddenly changed.


A cloud passed over the sun, and like that, they'd all realized the fun was over.


Alice had heard a buzzing noise, and she'd turned to see what it was. There was a car and a plane. Confusion had filled her mind.


Slowly, she turned to ask Frankie if she knew what was going on, and Alice had known: this was a test of some kind for Bingo.


Alice swung her gaze back toward the machines, and she noticed a little dog on top of the car.


"You must decide, Bingo!" the dog had called.


The terror in Frankie's face was almost unbearable, and Alice felt a sense of dread wash over her.


On awakening, Alice knew what she had to do. It was time for a little adventure, and she knew just the place to find it.


She only hoped she wasn't too late.

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Taken on April 8, 2009