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A toss of the dice 206/365 | by mollyjolly
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A toss of the dice 206/365

After much deliberation, the pair still couldn't decide which way to go. It seemed that Bingo wanted to go This Way, and Frankie wanted to go That Way.


They even discussed trying to just cut down the middle and split the difference, but they both saw the pitfalls of this: Frankie and Bingo needed to stay on the path. There was no telling who or what they might run into if they went gallivanting off into the wild.


When it seemed that neither of them would give in to the other, Frankie gave a deep sigh. "Okay, you win," she said.


"I do?" Bingo asked. "I mean, I do! So we'll go This Way."


"No, that's not what I meant," Frankencow said, a little annoyed. "I meant that we'll decide fair and square: we'll roll your dice and see what comes up."


"But how will that help us decide which way to go?" Bingo thought maybe the little cow was dehydrated or something because she wasn't making any sense.


"I just meant that I'll let you pick odds or evens, and then we'll each throw a dice. If the total ends up odds and you picked evens, I win. If you picked odds you win."


"I see," Bingo said slowly. He was stalling to see if there was some trick Frankie was trying to pull just to get her way. Sometimes she did that, and sometimes he fell for it. When he could see only logic and no trickery in her plan, he agreed to go along with it. "I'm in!" he said.


"Fine," Frankie said. "Are you odds or evens?"


Oh, I'm evens," Bingo said.


"Then let's roll the dice," Frankie said. This was actually turning out to be like a game.


Bingo rolled his die first - a one. "Okay, Frankie," he said, "it's your turn."


Frankie blew on her die and fervently hoped for an even number before tossing hers down on the little make-shift table. "A four!" she said. "I win! I win!"


"You don't have to rub it in," Bingo grumbled, as he realized they'd have to go That Way. "Best two out of three?"

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Taken on December 19, 2008