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Momma, I'm coming home 167/365 10/16/08 | by mollyjolly
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Momma, I'm coming home 167/365 10/16/08

On their return journey, the foursome had never felt more exhausted nor exhilirated. They had done it!


The world was rapidly changing around them. The trees began to look more alive, the earth was getting greener, and soon they heard small animals scurrying in the underbrush.


They even found a paved road once they reached a small valley. It was very strange, though - the road could only be seen a few feet behind and ahead of them. It was as though it were magically appearing for them and their use only.


"What is that?" Bingo asked, halting in mid-pedal and pointing up to the ridge.


"Oh," Frodo said in awe. "I've heard about these guys. I think they're like guardian angels, watching over us on our journey home."


"You sure have got friends in high places," Frankie said. She'd never seen anything so beautiful or so intimidating. Surely Frodo was the only one worthy of these protective creatures.


"That's why the road appears and disappears for us," Frodo said slowly. "They're paving our way home for us, to make the journey easier."


"I wonder if they'll pave our way home for us," Bingo said.


"I hope our journey home isn't too difficult," Frankie agreed, but then qualified, "but I don't think we deserve the same treatment as Frodo."


"Why not?" Greenie asked. "After all, this journey could not have been successful without you two helping out."


"He's right," Frodo agreed. "So don't go knocking all that you've done to help me."


And with the guardians watching, the four plodded along safely.

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Taken on October 16, 2008