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How to make a Lily of the Valley in Sugar

Not a good photo but was rushing. Just thought I'd show how a Lily of the Valley posy is of the most simple flowers I think...

1. Knead paste til soft & stretchy then roll some tiny balls. Smaller balls make the buds.

2. Roll some paste thinly til you can see through it and cut out flower shape. soften edges with ball tool. Roll large ball of paste for the body, attach to a glued hook 30 gauge wire. Add flower when attached and indent the centre. This attaches both pieces as well as give the flower a natural center look.

3. Hook 33 gauge wires for tiny buds and do as above only without adding the flower top. When dry arrange on a larger wire for support, graduating as you go to a latger bud.

4. Roll out some paste (spruce & leaf green) about 1mm thick. This is quite a fleshly leaf so needs to be thicker than flowers. Leave a central area thicker as to be able to insert a 26 gauge wire. Cut out leaf shape then add a straight unhooked glued wire.

Then vein and soften edges with a metal ball tool (dresden and bone work the same). Add movement and hang to dry.

5. When all dry apply dust. I used lemon and cream for flower center, then pearl white to add a tad of sparkle. Foliage, vine, forest & leaf greens to leaf. Remember to add darker dust down central vein and lighter shades to the outer leaf. Steam flowers over kettle for a second, glaze the leaves. Set aside to dry.

6. When dry assemble......simple :)


A big thank-you to everyone who has left a thank-you comment of appreciation. If I have helped just one person by showing this tutorial, then I am happy for you :) x

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Taken on September 6, 2009