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Lagoon QHY168C 200mm lens vs Modified DSLR 300mm lens | by m44dsw
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Lagoon QHY168C 200mm lens vs Modified DSLR 300mm lens

The Lagoon M8 sits within the wonderful star clouds of the Milkyway in the constellation of Sagittarius.


Here I show a comparison of a cropped image I took from my 2017 Tenerife trip with a 300mm lens and a modified with an Ha Baader filter and cooled Canon DSLR 600D vs the new QHY168C CMOS cooled camera with the same 200mm lens.


As with my other comparison you can see from the cropped and compared images the colour balance I would say is more natural in the QHY rendition due to using Photometric Colour Calibration within Pixinsight. So this is not due to the camera as both images have had slightly different processes applied. Although I must admit I slightly prefer the deeper red within the 300mm DSLR image if I am brutally honest.


The QHY image on the left is made up of a set of 2min exposures as I could guide this time round with the Astrotrac and has a total exposure of 1 hour and 42mins. The DSLR image on the right is a set of 30second exposure images with only 42 minutes of data.


As a result the resolution in the 300mm is slightly higher showing more features if one looks carefully, the noise levels in the DSLR, partly due to the shorter exposure and due to the noise levels of the camera were higher and the resulting data harder to process. This is true even when I images for 2mins on the DSLR.


Anyway I hope you like the comparison here too.


Mount - Astrotrac


Tenerife, Canary Islands


Date Taken - 2017 and 2018




All processing in PixInsight

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Uploaded on September 6, 2018