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Surface Area Required To Power The World (revision)

My reworking of the brilliant Land Art Generator images 'Suface Area Required To Power The World' with one alternative energy source added :)


Originals are here:




here's my maths (probably wrong, please correct me if so)


total world energy needs per year:

198,721,800,000,000 kwH


average energy output of a human per hour

0.1 KW per human (100 watts)


365 days at 24 hours a day = 8760 energy hours per year per human


0.1 KW x 8760 hours = 876 KWh energy generated per human per year


world energy needs divided by human supply


198,721,800,000,000 / 876 = 226,851,369,863 humans required


Human body occupies


2m x 1m = 2square metres


assuming machinery and spacing between human batteries


4m x 2m = 8 square metres




1, 814,810,958,904 metres for all human batteries


1.8 trillion square metres




18,148,810,958 = 18 billion square kilometres


world land surface area is:


148,940,000 square kilometres (wikipedia)


so would require 221 billion humans to be stacked 121 rows high across the entire land surface of the earth.


very dystopian!




more inforgraphics at

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Uploaded on September 7, 2009