If the Twitter community was 100 people...

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    Some interesting stats about the much-trumpeted Twitter community - visualized!


    Visit here for more visualisations and infographics

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    1. mkandlez 96 months ago | reply

      source is not me BTW.


      @thegreatgonzo, @azure - yep there should be some overlap between purple and blue. Any ideas how to do it visually?

    2. Furee 96 months ago | reply

      lol now try that for facebook like 70% are dead accounts or fake.

    3. Abiola's Photo Diary 96 months ago | reply

      LOVE it. Wow. I guess I'm one of the loudmouths. Wouldn't be the first time!!

    4. shava23 96 months ago | reply

      The fallacy I see is that the 5% with >100 followers very likely are also the loudmouths.

      But before we get too excited, let's figure out how many people write blogs more than weekly/daily vs other people who comment on them, and how many blogs have more than 100 regular readers.

      Or, even better -- how many newspaper journalists or columnists get >100 letters to the editor a week?

      Really, if the numbers look small and unexciting, you have to compare them to older new media (blogs) and older media (newspapers, magazines).

      Otherwise, you're just playing the statistics to fit your prejudices.

    5. CrissWrites 96 months ago | reply

      @Greenbean7: in this case it should be "were" because you are using the subjunctive mood, presenting a hypothetical (if Twitter were 100 ppl) not stating a fact in the indicative mood (since Twitter is many more than 100 ppl). It's not a number agreement thing, it's a verb mood thing.

    6. escritorio 96 months ago | reply

      @Greenbean7: what crisswrites said =)

    7. sno.mobi 96 months ago | reply

      ... so those who aren't really using Twitter (ie the dead and the lazy) account for 7 out of ever 10 Twitter members/names?

      ... or, only 3 people are actively using Twitter for every 10 members...

      ... incredible!

      (apologies to "crisswrites" - actually, it IS credible...
      ... should have said "remarkable")

    8. sno.mobi 96 months ago | reply

      .. and of those 3 who are active...
      ... I wonder how many are online marketing and e-commerce people simply speaking to each other?

      (and do they know they're simply wasting time and resources tweeting to each other, or do they think they're reaching customers?)

      interesting to note that Facebook only went stratospheric after telly people discovered it and started telling the world "everyone's doing it"

      there were a fair few complaints about the BBC earlier this year when they seemed to manage to mention Twitter in the news most days for some reason or other - now they reserve mention for when Twitter is actually making the news (eg organising protests in Iran) rather than merely reporting and sharing it...

      ... anyone read Nietzsche on the herd mentality? Its a powerful thing...

    9. heather_e_m 96 months ago | reply

      Who are the gray people, then? Also, as mentioned above, it seems likely that the same folks who are tweeting 75% of the tweets are those who have more than 100 followers. So then you've got a few more to categorize. Would work better if you focused only on tweet quantity and not follower counts :)

    10. Photos by Tair. 96 months ago | reply

      Have any of these people got two accounts with different names?

    11. johnkoetsier 96 months ago | reply


      Only 20% dead accounts?

    12. Dennis Jernberg 96 months ago | reply

      I heard that out for every 100 people who sign up for Twitter, 60% abandon it before long.

      As for me, I'm something of a loudmouth with over 100 followers. What color does that make me? Indigo?

      Actually, I think _heather_r_ is right: most of the loudmouths have over 100 followers, or soon get them (if they're not bots, or otherwise annoying).

    13. whispering mist 96 months ago | reply

      this is SO TRUE... LOL

    14. miuzu 96 months ago | reply

      Wow - 50% are women who wear flared mini-skirts. Thaaaaat's why the title....

    15. See-ming Lee 李思明 SML 95 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called SML Viz, and we'd love to have this added to the group!


      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    16. johnkoetsier 95 months ago | reply

      Where's the number of people who automate Twitter and get huge follower numbers on auto-pilot, but provide little of value to the community?

    17. Hell's Attik 94 months ago | reply

      What exactly is the point of twitter?

    18. Marcos Carceles 73 months ago | reply

      I'd be amazed if out of a community of 100 people someone had... more than 100 followers?

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