Asian Tiger Mosquito

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    Aedes albopictus
    Vero Beach FL

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    1. Sean McCann ( ages ago | reply

      Takes a lot of tries when the wind is blowing your subject around like a sailboat! Anyway, I am usually using the autofocus, as it has been giving good results. Distant shots of dragonflies sometimes require manual focus, but so far autofocus has been decent for macro. Also, I am often holding a branch or twig with the subject in my left hand, so on my camera I would not be able to focus manually.

    2. nod_432 ages ago | reply

      Very good. Looks like it is on water.

    3. myrmician ages ago | reply

      that is an awesome capture and a beautiful subject

    4. e³°°° ages ago | reply

      stunning macro - walking on water like Jesus did

    5. Over 5 million views! ages ago | reply

      fantastic macro of a splendid tiny beastie

    6. hippobosca ages ago | reply

      Beautifully done!

    7. Crfullmoon ages ago | reply

      So well done
      it almost lets me like the subject.

    8. habarimbu ages ago | reply

      really terrific...Aedes are quite photogenic

    9. Φ-Filippos-Κ ages ago | reply

      Excellent capture!
      Are these guys also called tiger mosquitoes?
      Are there also culex species with black and white stripes? I've seen such mosquitoes here in Cyprus, but some specialist i asked said it aint aedes..
      Thanks again for the info you share ith us!

    10. Sean McCann ( ages ago | reply

      I am not familiar with th European Culex. As far as I know, most Culex are kind of drab brown. Even Culex tarsalis in the Western US is only marked with white on some drab brown background.
      It could be another genus, like Psorophora, as there are a lot of colorful and striking ones there.

    11. NowPublic ages ago | reply

      This photograph appears in a NowPublic news story: Invasion of the Ecosystem: Alien Species Scarier than Fiction.

    12. dhania now gone for good ages ago | reply

      absolutely stunning.

      Thank you for sharing under CC license, I will use this to illustrate a blog entry on the recent outbreak of chikungunya in Europe


    13. `KIKY ages ago | reply

      wow, Aedes albopictus....

    14. Rhome ages ago | reply

      These things are devouring me alive in my backyard.

    15. Addicted2Hymenoptera ages ago | reply

      I love this!!!!

    16. LauraElaine ages ago | reply

      Love the reflection and the view of the surface tension

    17. john11k 106 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Asian Animals and Wildlife, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    18. Yogendra174 105 months ago | reply

      beautiful water tention!

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