Raindrop Forgiveness Slideshow
This set is now a book at Lulu.com called Blue Marble Memory by Denise Flora. The set was designed as a slideshow to illustrate the poem Blue Marble Memory
about forgiveness and our interdependence. It uses the analogy of a drop of water cycling through the world. This is is part of the 16 Guidelines for Life project called Ready Set Happy in the section on Forgiveness.

To see the slideshow, click on the right top corner here where it says view as a slideshow. You might want the first picture, the poem, up in another window, so you can read the poem, stopping at each drop until the slides advance, or you can advance them yourself by clicking on the arrow to the right of each picture. Another way is to click on the pictures here and go one at a time.


For more about the 16 guidelines for Life, see www.essential-education.org or www.16guidelines.org
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