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Handclap from Ready Set Happy


Handclap of 16 positive phrases from Ready Set Happy and the 16 Guidelines for Life. The point is to promote peace by developing attitudes of kindness and wisdom in individuals.


Each line of the handclap represents one of the 16 in this order:

How we Think: Humility, Patience, Contentment, Delight;

How we Act: Kindness, Honesty, Generosity, Thoughtful Speech;

How we Relate: Respect, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Responsibility;

How we Find Meaning: Principles, Aspiration, Service, Courage.


Here are the words for the whole thing:


(verse one): I THINK that...


Each of you gives me a lesson.


I'm like water, patient, still,

searching for the path downhill.


I have what I need, if I don't feed my greed.


No need to wait let's celebrate

My joy times two, when I'm happy for YOU!


(verse two): Take ACTion...


Care for others. Keep trying.


Honesty works best for me.


I can share my stuff. I have enough.


When I'm wise I think more, speak less.


(verse three): Re LATE it!


Let's honor each who guide, or teach.


I forgive then I feel better.


Thanks to those who wiped my nose.


Through thick or thin, count me in.


(verse four): Find MEANing....


I know my way. I walk my path.


I strive to be a better me.


Giving time from my day can help in some way.


Let's think big, be brave, now begin!


(end): It's in.. my .. Hands!



Special thanks to the girls and their families. This was an act of generous service on their part as they learned the rhymes, agreed to let us post the video, and in the process became friends : )


copyright FDCW , all right reserved 2009


see previews of the book Ready Set Happy, including a description of the hand motions in the Principles chapter, at

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Uploaded on June 19, 2009