Night Time Fun

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    I am having fun making these new desktops. This is my new Windows 7 Desktop.

    I played around with the colors of the text and chose this white to match the moon and give it a nice contrast. I used Rainmeter for all my customizations.

    Wallpaper can be found here:

    The clock is called Helvitica Big Clock which was customized to show AM on the right/changed font/changed color.

    The weather and date is Encoded for Rainmeter.

    The system monitor tools is called Elementary for Rainmeter.

    I used photoshop to customize the wallpaper and used the skin created here to create the look of the wallpaper in front of the clock:

    The Text Items are WP7 which I customized as well.

    Thanks for looking!

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    1. masterkev73 24 months ago | reply

      Luv yo desktop man , cld u pliz hock me up how u did it

    2. jerome_martinez_one 24 months ago | reply

      @masterkev flickr mail me your email address and I can send you the custom skins.

    3. sinisima 24 months ago | reply

      Could you do me a big favor and send me the custom skins?

    4. lelouch283 24 months ago | reply

      Your desktop themes never stop to surprise me. They're absolutely beautiful, gorgeous and breath taking!I I would love to have this theme, but, unfortunately, I am a TOTAL noob. I know I'm not the only person who wants this theme so I think I can speak for everyone whose made a comment, but couldn't you just upload the entire Rainmeter theme package so we can just install it and then have it all up and running? I'm sure it would make a lot of people happy and make their life a whole lot easier when trying to get this theme:)

    5. jerome_martinez_one 24 months ago | reply

      @Lelouch Thanks for the compliments. Flickr only allows uploading pictures and videos, NOT rainmeter files, so to answer your question, no I can't upload it.

      The customizations require knowledge with Rainmeter. I can make it as easy as possible and email my customized skins, but you will still need to know how to navigate your way through and install the skins. Also,I can't make a universal theme for everyone because my desktop was specifically made for my resolution, and the "Behind the Trees" look won't work on different resolutions unless you customize the Height and Width of the picture skin. I'd be happy to answer any questions that you have though, but unfortunately I don't have the time to create a universal theme. Thanks.

    6. jerome_martinez_one 24 months ago | reply

      @sinisima Check your mail I emailed the skins.

    7. lelouch283 24 months ago | reply

      @jerome_martinez_one - Well, I guess you give me no choice. I hate to ask this of you..... matter of fact I hate to ask this of anyone, but could you do me a huge favour and either make a video on youtube or give me some youtube links and a short tutorial(in written or video form) of how you made your theme. I know this might(and probably will) take up a lot of your time but as you can see, my persistence shows you just how badly I want this theme of yours without going through the agony of learning how to customize rainmeter. I know I sound lazy, but it's just that I need your theme right now!!!!! It's just so clean, so crisp,!!!

    8. jennybak 24 months ago | reply

      can you also do me a big favor and send me the custom skins?

      Don't have flickr mail. Awesome work!

    9. cannedtomatosoup 24 months ago | reply

      @jerome_martinez_one The desktop is gorgeous! How did you eliminate the background color and border on your Menu.ini skins? I get that far, but manage to consistently flummox myself as soon as I try to erase the background tint. Thanks!

    10. jerome_martinez_one 24 months ago | reply

      @cannedtomatpsoup By default the background color and border should not show. Send me your email through Flickr mail and I can email you my Menu.ini skin if you'd like.

    11. denni francis 24 months ago | reply

      I have the WP7 installed in my Rainmeter, how do you the text items?

    12. MetalFolk 24 months ago | reply

      could you also be kind to do me a big favor and send me the custom skins?
      I fell in love with your desktop as soon as I saw it on LH, never actually tried a customized desktop, but yours just convinced me to. Awesome work!

    13. jerome_martinez_one 24 months ago | reply

      @metalfolk I've been out on a business trip, so I am just now getting to sending the skins. Check your mail.

      @denni francis You can find the Menu items by going to WP7-->TEXT ITEMS-->EXTRAS-->MENU-->and the skin I used is MENU.INI. I basically just copied and renamed it to make the 2 extra sets

    14. samkrox98 [deleted] 23 months ago | reply

      quick question, can you tell me what the font is?

    15. jerome_martinez_one 23 months ago | reply

      @samkroz98 The font for all items is: Century Gothic

    16. geekbuddy4 23 months ago | reply

      Hey can you please mail me the skins at Thanks in advance :)
      And nice desktop dude!

    17. Renarudo 22 months ago | reply

      I'm using that same background but across two monitors in a 2560 X 1024 resolution - I'd like to know "how" to go about making the text disappear partially behind the text.

      Thanks for the inspiration!

    18. bornonmay3rd 22 months ago | reply

      @jerome_martinez_one: I have tried in every way I can think about, but I can't really "bring" the bush forward (well, in compare with the minute number). Would you please teach me how to do that? Thank you very much! My email is

    19. MicDrop 21 months ago | reply

      Amazing wallpaper! Would you mind sending me how you did it to please? Keep up the creativity!

    20. paresh1984 21 months ago | reply too please

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