LEGO USS Reliant 1

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    Mutara nebula, fore 3/4 view.

    Nebula image by vjeko1701:

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    1. Canis Arms Corporation 27 months ago | reply

      Do you done an amazing job with my favorite ship from Star Trek.
      The lighting just throws it over the top!

    2. Scruffy Mynxbane 27 months ago | reply

      "Of course! We're all one, big, happy Starfleet."

      Still the best story, movie and badguy in this series...or possibly, any.

    3. BlueisCoool 27 months ago | reply

      Very nice work - congrats !

    4. Heiwa71 27 months ago | reply

      Great job!

    5. xtofcorthay 27 months ago | reply

      so beautiful !!!!!!

    6. sweMezza 27 months ago | reply

      GJ Myko, excellent work!

    7. trike 27 months ago | reply

      Amazing job.

    8. tpcowan 27 months ago | reply

      Beautiful work.

    9. vjeko1701 20 months ago | reply

      Glad to see my Mutara image is beeing used. :)

    10. Myko- 20 months ago | reply

      Great image man, updated the description with a link to your deviantart, hope you don't mind me using it here.

    11. Red Spacecat 13 months ago | reply

      Am I correct to assume you're bringing this beauty to Skaerbaek 2013?

    12. Myko- 13 months ago | reply

      Correct, I am at least aiming to do so.

    13. Red Spacecat 13 months ago | reply

      That makes me super exited. Love this thing, wouldn't mind seeing this in person at all :)

    14. Myko- 13 months ago | reply

      Cool, don't forget to say hi! Are you exhibiting as well?

    15. Red Spacecat 13 months ago | reply

      Indeed I am. Just added a bunch of models (if they'll let me). Don't worry, I'll be scouting for the Reliant as soon as I'm there.

    16. Myko- 13 months ago | reply

      Looking forward to seeing them!

      Maybe I should rename my Reliant the Saratoga to compete with yours, I believe the Saratoga in Star Trek IV was Miranda class as well. ;)

    17. Red Spacecat 13 months ago | reply

      Haha, that could very well be. I just chose this name because I had a decal of it. I did have the reliant as a model kit once.

      I don't think there would be much competition. Your ship is way ahead of mine in terms of technology. My railguns are awesome at long range, but seriously outmatched by your (warp capable!) photon torpedos. Close range won't do me any good either. I don't have any shields and only have kinetic weapons at my disposal. So, unless you actually meant we throw them into eachother to see which will survive, I'll just go ahead and wave my little white flag right now.

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