c1915 Anti-Smoking Sign , Zion Illinois

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    Apparently , the anti-smoking movement has been around quite a while

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    1. Kingkongphoto & www.celebrity-photos.com 56 months ago | reply

      well ...I dont know...what (hold on I have to get a cigarette)...

    2. Liz Thomson 49 months ago | reply

      Is that a cigarette she is holding?

    3. historian3 43 months ago | reply

      The dangers of tobacco have been known for centuries. A series of references with dates, is at medicolegal.tripod.com/effects.htm . The constitutional rights to pure air and to put out fires are cited at medicolegal.tripod.com/pureaircases.htm

    4. xLilly91x 43 months ago | reply

      Goodbye twitter people I need a cigarette.

    5. Lyda AlterEgo 43 months ago | reply

      Bloody brilliant

    6. egilk 43 months ago | reply

      The guy who signed it, W.G. Volivia, apparently was something of a character: W.B. Voliva in Wikipedia.

      Being for the most part a crackpot, he at least got one prediction right, i.e. wrt. tobacco. Including that it causes cancer.

    7. jamesrdoe 43 months ago | reply

      I don't like smelling it. Continue to smoke if you want but keep it away from me. I don't tend to fart next to people.

    8. JebbiePix 42 months ago | reply

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    9. jordy clarke 42 months ago | reply

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    10. hopeyphotography 42 months ago | reply

      lovely lovely, hit.

    11. ladyinblack1964 14 months ago | reply


      I want a copy of this sign! It aggravates me that people insist on smoking *right underneath* the "No Smoking" sign at work and throwing their butts all over the nice new steps.

    12. Umayyr 11 months ago | reply

      Seen & Admired in " f l i c k "

    13. evadwall 6 months ago | reply

      the moralist who wrote that would certainly at home with all the busy-bodies around today

    14. jamesrdoe 6 months ago | reply

      It's not about morals, it's about smokers thinking everyone should partake in their pasttime. This was from a time when people could smoke anywhere restaurants, hospitals, regular work environments etc.

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