• these right here gave me lots of mosquito bites
  • This is magical - Dandelion Wish
  • and a little evil actually :P
  • all of this, yes. - rosa joy
  • This is so peaceful and beautiful. :) - RoseyJoy

the winter months were not as real

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and here comes another kind of ready

I've been doing really good these past few days, I'm just... happy.
Also this is the first time ever (at least that I can remember) that I'm not completely stressed out although I have another deadline tomorrow. Maybe I am in the process of learning something after all.

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  1. the girl who made it on her own 34 months ago | reply

    Thank you guys :)

    Well yes you might have got a point there, but I'm doing good right now although I have stuff to do? So I guess I did it right this time. ;)

  2. Juliana Battistella [deleted] 34 months ago | reply

    I love a song that tells a good message about this..that we should set our clocks by our hearts cause work is something overrated and might kill us, or what we have as our souls and hearts. And I can tell you've been putting a lot of your heart in your work. Just don't let all the pressure stress you out. :)

  3. Joe Curtin 34 months ago | reply

    the greeeeeens the greens the greens the greens. i love the colors in this

  4. MadelineGibson 34 months ago | reply

    This is so magical. I love the colors and the sunlight peeking through the trees. The bokeh<3

  5. Donna Irene. 34 months ago | reply

    your photos help me breathe<3

  6. Elenaire 34 months ago | reply

    Wonderful brokeh. I can smell the flowers and grass, even the birds that are singing...

  7. -NatashaKirk 34 months ago | reply

    wonderful capture

  8. kitty' 34 months ago | reply


  9. IsaZeta 33 months ago | reply

    You're wonderful, just like your pictures!!! Wow, i just love them, they're magic!

  10. Kym Ellis 33 months ago | reply

    They really weren't as real. Stunning use of mother nature, Rona

  11. aMp Visual Concepts 33 months ago | reply

    My Gosh.....this is such a gorgeous location. Lovely vibe to this image.

  12. Lauren.Field [deleted] 33 months ago | reply

    This photograph is lovely.

  13. LauraJasmijn 33 months ago | reply

    I wish it was me sitting there.. perfect photo!

  14. Lukas Leonte 33 months ago | reply

    love the bright tones *_*

  15. Savannah.Rae 32 months ago | reply

    Wow such an absolutely beautiful location

  16. jessicalsmyers 32 months ago | reply

    I love all of your photos!

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