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I will never let you go

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this whole photoshoot has been inspired by

- Anna who taught me how to include the light of the setting sun in my pictures, probably without even noticing that she did. after discovering her pictures I have been determined to find out the many ways you can use sunlight and I went outside and tried it out. I didn’t take pictures to have great results, but to learn. and I think I learned a lot, just by looking at her pictures but as well by talking to her.

- Lauren who impressed me with her ability of capturing herself in a breathtaking way by using sunlight the moment I first saw her stream. I couldn’t stop looking at her work and I still discover many beautiful images every day.


thank you, Anna and Lauren, both of you are what I aspire to be.


and thank you so much for editing your testimonial, Anna, you are so nice. <3


day 6 in Croatia


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Taken on September 1, 2009