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Math rules everything around me.. Scheme get the money!

New one to commemorate my new site:


Go check it!!.. i got a gang of stuff you fools aint seen.. and now, on to the story.


"So it was a nice day in ATL today, sunny with a chance of nowhere to go..

I decided to rock a quick piece with some nice Belton browns and pinks in it..(since these Beltoninans started flowing a couple.. and i mean a couple.. of cans i make use of my newfound luxury, so essentially ballin on a budget.)

No plans were made for this wall, which leads to no outline, which leads to freestyle..

So another throw to the 90s in my early writing career was the "Dropping Science"..

that was the saying in like 92-95.. it was pretty common then.. and in my early age i viewed

it in many ways, one way was to drop knowledge, and knowledge in my hood was mathmatics... cause understanding them numbers gets you more numbers.. follow me?


so.. there it was, lets drop some scientific mathmatical astronomical.. cue "The most Beautifullest thing in this world, by Keith Murray."

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Taken on February 22, 2010