Burned Dinner (Again) 1951

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    "Kids...I've decided wearing having Lucky Charms for dinner."

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    1. BACKYard Woods Explorer 66 months ago | reply

      Lucky Charms and Lucky Strikes. What a combination!!

    2. button face 66 months ago | reply

      ah. every day of my life.

    3. letslookupandsmile 66 months ago | reply

      There's something very intense about these that I find most appealing!

    4. GIGEO 66 months ago | reply

      Most interesting,

    5. Al Q 66 months ago | reply

      Ahh, those wonderful '50s, when the ideal female was cute as a button and wily like a fox, yet also as dumb as a rock and as helpless as a child. And dad was a bumbling, henpecked simpleton who drank like a fish and dressed like a jackass, but nonetheless held a good job and was treated like royalty in his home.

      And there are still folks out there nostalgic for this warped, fairytale vision of good old-fashioned America.

    6. Pam Kueber, RetroRenovation.com 65 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Mid-century modern Red Geraniums, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    7. Pam Kueber, RetroRenovation.com 65 months ago | reply

      Hi Marcoa, and thanks for adding this photo to my new Red Geraniums group. I have a blog, retrorenovation.com, and would like to tell readers about this new flickr group. Is it okay with you if I used this photo? I will of course link back here. Note, it may go in the same post with some cheeky paint-by-number nudes also spotted on flickr:) Can you let me know? Many thanks!

    8. Thistle Dubh 63 months ago | reply

      How does throwing bicarb on a burnt roast solve it?

    9. Fábio M.Q. Vieira 62 months ago | reply

      do you have the originals of this ads

    10. glen.h 62 months ago | reply

      "It's not burnt, it's caramelised!"

    11. Thistle Dubh 62 months ago | reply

      Yes Glen, shades of when my late Mum went into a snooty bakers and asked for some of their "burnt rolls" to which the girl behind the counter replied "Well-fired, if you don't mind." My Mum replied in her Scots bluntness "Naw Hen, when I say burnt, I mean burnt."

      I'm still awaiting an explanation on how bicard helps a burnt roast.

    12. TheChurches 29 months ago | reply

      From her expression I'm not sure if she burned the roast or accidentally opened a portal to Hell.

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