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Beijing Olympics logo by beau_bo_dor


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  • beau_bo_dor 7y


    If you're asking me rather than the owner of this photostream, you're welcome to use the image.

    If there's a problem, take the image from my website (see my previous post) and upload to your own Flickr photostream.
  • nvrau 7y

    GREAT image!
  • antonioluisousa 7y

  • beau_bo_dor 7y

    Just to say thanks to sha3bi1Beijing for putting the credit in the original post.
  • Matthew Anderson 7y


    Can we use this image for the (PR and media blog) please?

    If you have any questions let me know. I am happy to link to your site and credit.


  • beau_bo_dor 7y

    If you're not directly making money from it (which you obviously are not) help yourself.
  • LittleSan 7y

    Dear friends of all countries, do not believe that the textbooks, do not believe the politicians, do not believe that you believe in history, personally came to China, arrived in Beijing.
    Fell the culture of China, not because of different social systems, and missed all of the event.
  • LittleSan 7y

    If someone shouted: California is a part of the ***,not USA,You,American, What will you do? "Tibet,Free"????Stupid
  • Liberty1 7y

    very clever, i like it. and it true.
  • Lian Wang 7y

  • Lian Wang 7y

    what if new york and washington want to be apart of america?? Can all the world say: free new york, free washington?
  • fabstervroom 7y

    Lian Wang your comment is a joke right?
  • Copper Kettle 6y

    \\ Can all the world say: free new york, free washington?\\

    If US opressed the people of NY, then yes, all the world could say that.
  • Chong Yang 6y

    So Naive, you people really doesn't know the true tibet.
    you said " Free Tibet ", Why? should I say "Free Alaska“ or "Free Hawaii“?Would you bring those fine antique objets in your museum back to China? Yes or No ?
    Tibet has been part of the territory of China since ancient times. you can find out in historical document.

    "If US opressed the people of NY, then yes, all the world could say that. "
    Well, you can try free NY out of america, then we shall see FBI or CIA "opresse" you.

    don't be a fool. Seeing is believing. Tibet welcomes you.
  • fabstervroom 6y

    Time Defencer , can I just point out a couple of things following your comment please, if I may.

    The people of Alaska and the people of Hawaii have equal rights as the people in the remaining US states. Hawaiians and Alaskans have a democratic process which allows natives into the political process and empowers their own people, culture, language and traditions.

    Hawaiians and Alaskans are not oppressed by Washington stopping them from practicing their culture, religion, beliefs and traditions.

    In fact, an Alaskan woman almost became vice president of America in the last elections. Obama, America's newly elected president has Hawaiian roots, His grandmother was Hawaiian. This shows you have no awareness of international policies, and your comment demonstrates a lack of any political knowledge. Research before you open your mouth. And don't just rely on 'historical documents' issued out by Mainland China's political party.

    Mainland China on the other hand bullies the native Tibetans, putting social pressure & political obstruction to limit the Tibetan culture.

    'Dont be a fool, Seeing is believing' you say... Well I have seen my friend. My distant family on my father's side were pushed out of Tibet.

    Do you have direct experience or do you rely on what your chinese government tell you?
  • Chong Yang 6y

    My english is not good, so I input Chinese in there. you can find someone help you to translate in English. Thanks!

  • Copper Kettle 6y

    "Well, you can try free NY out of america, then we shall see FBI or CIA "opresse" you."

    If an american goes to a demonstration or publish an article calling for separation, neither CIA nor FBI will "opress" him. Try this trick in China, and we'll see who was a fool. Seeing is beleiving, go on, try it.
  • chinared 5y

    im so amazed by how a human being's brain has the shape of an asshole.
  • Glenn Xian 2y

    Chong Yang
  • Glenn Xian 2y

    This is awesome!
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Taken on March 26, 2008

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