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The Trade Federation Droid Army is not known for its military sophistication, it simply overwhelms its enemies with mass-produced battle droids.

An important and often overlooked part in the war effort is the recycling of disabled battle droids. The low-cost materials which make the battle droid such a poor combatant also mean that they can be repaired cheaply and quickly before being redeployed into a fight.

The TWEETYBIRD is a one-man fast salvage vehicle, named not only for its colour scheme, but for the short arcing jumps it makes across the battlefield, as well as the high pitched whine of its sawsblades. Under optimal conditions, salvaged battle droids can be reclaimed and repaired in less than half an hour.

Since it does not carry any armament, the TWEETYBIRD relies on its speed, as well as operating in teams of ten or more units to discourage attacks against them.

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  1. DarthNick(Original) 72 months ago | reply

    hah.. that's a neat a idea and a great moc

  2. rongYIREN 72 months ago | reply

    This moc is so crazy looking, I love it!
    I like how you used the phones for feet.

  3. teikjoon 72 months ago | reply

    I never realised they were phones...but yeah I quite like those feet...the joint is a bit wobbly though...kept flexing when I was trying to pose it :p

  4. J/G 70 months ago | reply


  5. No Name Like This One 68 months ago | reply

    That's amazing! Especially your description. I've never read things like that a lot. Very cool!

  6. Pierre E Fieschi 50 months ago | reply

    haha very cool idea, and original build!! nice use of the seats too ;)

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