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It's a big one | by colinlogan
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It's a big one

I ended up asking this stranger if she'd like to join me for a drink.


I spotted her in the park, quite a way off. It was on my way, but by the time I reached her I'd talked myself into and out of asking her several times. Just as I was to pass her I decided I'd regret it if I didn't. She was sitting down near some bushes texting on her phone. She looked up as I approached and I said "Hi". I noticed her german accent straight away and was excited to photograph another european.


She accepted but remained seated. When I drew the camera up from my side she exclaimed "It's a big one!". I talked to her and took some shots but the sun was shining directly in her eyes with harsh 5pm (summer) light. So I asked her if I could get her to stand and we shifted around so that the sun was more or less behind her.


I told her that she was the second german I'd photographed and that the first was from Cologne. She said that she was from a small village about 3 hours from there and that it was buried in 1 metre of snow at the moment. She'd travelled up the east coast of Australia but had found it a little dull and lacking culture, so came to Melbourne. The first week she was in a hostel in Sydney and the girls showers had no hot water, so she headed boldy into the mens dressed in a bikini. They scrambled a little, most of them totally nude, but she finished her hot shower before she left.


Once I'd taken quite a few shots I headed to the train station and shot 24. From the bridge I could see the park and that this girl was still there. So I headed back and asked her if she was just killing time, would she like to go get a drink. She said that she had to meet her housemate at home in 15 minutes, but didn't otherwise seem averse to the suggestion. We stood around and talked in the park, watching the dogs play, for about 10 minutes. I then walked her home and we talked about how we planned to be bitter and cruel in our old age.


This is the twenty third portrait of my attempt at the 100 strangers project.




I think a few people may've got the wrong idea with this image. I didn't start this project as an excuse to meet pretty girls. I started it as a way to improve my photography, encourage me to get out shooting regularly, increase my confidence with strangers and hopefully meet some interesting people along the way.

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Taken on December 21, 2010