• facebook feed added using automator & geektool
  • 2*1TB WD Caviar Blacks set to RAID 0 if your wondering why :-) Still need to import photos..

geektool with Facebook Desktop

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facebook feed added to desktop via geektool and os x automator.

Thanks to flickr user: barm for the inital hints and code :-)

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  1. happymonkofdoom 61 months ago | reply

    Would you like to post the code for the facebook feed :)

  2. roebedo 61 months ago | reply


    The facebook script works by a few steps. 1st you will need to create an automated workflow using "Automator" and then you will be using Geektool to 1.) Run the Automator workflow you created and 2.) Refresh the results to post to your desktop. The three Automator actions below are all drag and drop automations from the automator program. You can find them from the following three categories; internet, internet and text.

    1.) Get Specified URLs

    when you log into facebook there is a "friends" link in the upper portion of the site, once you click on that you will see a "Subscribe" section to the left, and a RSS link to "Friend's status Feed" click on that, now notice the "feed://www.facebook.com/feeds/friends_status.php?id=........etc..." in your location bar, thats the URL you want Automator to be getting. This action passes the specified URLs into the next action.

    2.) Get Text from Articles
    Basically Automator will gather all the data from the page on the feed URL ie: Your friends stats.
    This action extracts the text from RSS feed articles and formats the text with the title, author, and date.

    3.) New Text File
    You want to name your text file "FriendStatus.txt" and have automator save it to your Documents folder. This action creates a new text file in the specified folder.
    Be sure to click "Run" in the Automator console to check for any errors.
    Save this workflow to your Documents folder and name it "GetFaceBookFriendsStatus-ToTextFile" extension is .workflow of course.

    Now time for Geektool.

    Create a new entry/Shell called "Refresh" here is the code:
    Automator Runner ~/Documents/GetFaceBookFriendsStatus-ToTextFile.workflow

    Create a new entry/Shell called "Facebook" here is the code:
    head -n 300 ~/Documents/FriendStatus.txt | grep '[a-zA-Z-0-9]'

    Now just find your favorite facebook logo, upload to flicker or anywhere online and create a pic link with geektool.

    Thats is folks! :-)

    Again thanks to flicker user: barm, for the initial code :-)

  3. dan_mcdonough 59 months ago | reply

    This is the most unreal desktop! Can you post how you achieved the other customizations?

  4. Jaeger Amzallag (AutoEntropy) 56 months ago | reply

    Hey man. So i took the time to do the confusing ass facebook geektool script and i LOVE IT. Thanks a lot for showin me how to do it. I have one question... if you look at mine you can see it says -7000 after every timestamp:


    Is there any way to get rid of this?

    Also everytime it updates on my menu bar some text pops up with a stop sign and temporarily freezes my mouse. Wondering if you could help me out with that. Is it geektools or automator?

  5. roebedo 55 months ago | reply

    Regarding your -700 question. Its been a while since I played with this, and I think I attempted a fix and failed, but to simply answer your question, yes there is a way "guaranteed" I just don't know off hand :-) it bugged the crap out of me too.

    The text pop-up issue Im sure is a combination of geek-tool and automator, and depending on the mac your running it on, you can have the opportunity to play beach ball, or experience a freeze. I haven't experienced it personally, but I did notice that the whole geek-tool/facebook script was a huge resource hog, so its not run anymore on my mac :-(

    PS- Is that a custom HD icon?? If so... sweet!!

  6. themanzz09 [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

    Hey man,

    does the facebook feed update itself because mine isn't updating

  7. jwgriffis 53 months ago | reply

    I cant even find the RSS link on mine...

  8. ffonsok 51 months ago | reply

    I get the automator script to update, but nothing displays on my desktop when I put the 2nd script in.

  9. tokyokyoko 39 months ago | reply

    Put everything into Automator, says it runs fine, but when I input the command into Geektool, none of it shows! What am I doing wrong?

  10. dikieh 39 months ago | reply

    where does the backgroun come from!? I LOVE IT

  11. Dantesean 39 months ago | reply

    yeah same problem here, maybe need to re-update this post?

  12. dikieh 37 months ago | reply

    link to background?

  13. oneilltheitguy 30 months ago | reply

    hey guys

    anyway to RSS Brotips on geek tools??

  14. regisaddress 28 months ago | reply

    Couple of comments. Firstly great job, this desktop is awesome. Secondly, if you copied and pasted the automator text there's actually a space between the "i" and "e" in the word "File" which shouldn't be there. (i.e. GetFaceBookFriendsStatus-ToTextFi le.workflow). This will mess up the command. Secondly, when you save the text in automator ("New Text File") you need to save it as "Plain Text (txt, convert if needed)" and the encoding should be "Unicode (UTF-8)".

  15. dansiteweb 2 months ago | reply

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