New Wormwood Prints

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    The time has finally come. I'm clearing out my Cafepress store. From tomorrow, all the old prints will be gone and a whole bunch of new ones, which are already up, will be what's left. Put up quite a variety this time. Cafepress isn't too bad for prints, though be advised these aren't the fine art prints I do up myself, these are a POD type deal. Give em a click and see what you think.

    This here is a new image to celebrate it.

    Next step is to finally have some t-shirt/extra stuff up. I've neglected this sort of stuff for too long! I have plans...oh do I have plans...

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    1. davidgolbitz 73 months ago | reply

      Those people would be dastardly and deserving of a good flogging.

    2. Nico Brondo 73 months ago | reply

      Why you made that comment?
      what is your problem?
      I do not assaulted in any way ...

    3. Buster Nine 73 months ago | reply

      Against a black background definitely WP-worthy!

    4. solkana 73 months ago | reply

      That's going to be a lot of kitty food from these prints!

    5. Nico Brondo 73 months ago | reply

      well...i'm leaving...that's said a lot of the people of (north) america.
      1031, Buster Nine...shame of you...keep that way two just look so mature. it's a good representation of your country! grow up! after all yo puedo insultarlos en dos idiomas y ustedes lo unico que hacen es sacar fotos estupidas sobre batmans legos e insultar a personas de otra nacionalidad en un sitio publico...que pelotudos...que verguenza...que pendejos...
      sorry Ben don't deserve this kind of mess on your photostream...but your contacts are a bunch of assholes! i'll keep my wormwoods. Can't wait to see what you have in store for the next issues!

    6. Ben Templesmith 73 months ago | reply

      Darku5s I think you're misunderstanding what people are saying sir. No one is being offensive in any way. Remember, sometimes in english the literal is not necessarily what is meant. No one was having a go at you at all, I promise.

    7. R_P-83 73 months ago | reply

      that is insane

    8. davidgolbitz 73 months ago | reply


      What Ben said, I certainly meant no offense toward you. I was responding to Ben's comment about people who would make their own prints from uploaded images, rather than buying the prints Ben has for sale. I wasn't responding to what you wrote and I'm sorry that's how it appeared to you. I should have more clearly stated what i was referring to.

      I am terribly sorry for the misunderstanding.

      (DarKu5s sent me a "Flickrmail" message, too, about this, but he blocked my profile so I can't respond directly. In case he doesn't come back to this thread, could someone please pass along my apology to him? I'd really appreciate it.)

    9. Nico Brondo 73 months ago | reply

      dave, i'm sorry...i'm honestly misunderstand what you said...i unblock you. i'm block you because i belive that you going to do some thing
      i answer in here for all to see and to apologize to Ben too.
      seriously, i'm terribly sorry for MY misunderstanding!!!

    10. Nico Brondo 73 months ago | reply

      sorry buster nine too!!

    11. RNFox 73 months ago | reply

      i'm surprised you'd use cafepress and not something like the giclee prints through deviant art or something. But then, I suppose this way the cost is kept reasonable?

    12. Filipe Henz 73 months ago | reply

      What softwares do you use?

    13. Ben Templesmith 73 months ago | reply

      @Agathicka I'm quite wary of Deviant art. Need to read up on their rights but from my recollections wasn't too impressed with their pricing etc. Cafepress are good for some basic decent quality little prints. I save the higher priced stuff for the fine prints I do myself on good paper with archival inks n' stuff.

    14. Ben Templesmith 73 months ago | reply

      @filipehenz Photoshop, after lots of work in meat world.

    15. Filipe Henz 73 months ago | reply

      wow. great job then. I'd like to see a tutorial someday.

    16. Christo70 73 months ago | reply

      THIS ROCKS! Love to have you add it to our group

      Across the 8th Dimension

    17. ImNotOkay173 73 months ago | reply

      Ben, I gotta say. I was at a Barnes and Nobel a few days ago just milling about with some of my friends and I happened upon the hardback of Birds, Bees, Blood and Beer. Long story short, I bought it and I loved it. Very witty and I love your artwork.

      I might of just missed it, but have you made any wormwood shirts? I think I saw some prototypes quite a few pages back but I haven't seen anything since.

    18. Ben Templesmith 73 months ago | reply


      No shirts as yet. Working on some that are generically wormwood related though.

    19. ImNotOkay173 73 months ago | reply

      I think Wormwood toiletries and toliet paper would be appropriate.

    20. M a r t ! n o 73 months ago | reply

      wow, fantastic"!

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