Animal Farm

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    Man, this image get's so many views! If you like this one, check out and see the other stuff I get up to....

    I drew up another one of those "do your own cover" classic books. For me out of the whole bunch Animal Farm is my favourite. Even more than Dracula ( which I also have a copy of I need to do a cover for )

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    1. AK●MG 76 months ago | reply

      Great!!! Congrats!! (:

    2. ken bastard 76 months ago | reply

      What is it that is so sad and compelling about this book? All of us artists seem to come back to this imagery in one way or another, at some point, in our careers.

      You can taste the horse meat.

    3. ky_olsen 76 months ago | reply

      That's far out. Love it! You should try"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" & "A Clockwork Orange"!

    4. Ben Templesmith 76 months ago | reply

      @ky_olsen I would, if the books were in the blank cover selection. Don't think they are. I dig Clockwork Orange enough to do a mock cover sometime though. Just wish it could be on an actual book!

    5. Our Pilot 76 months ago | reply

      The little twinkles of Steadman are great for this.

    6. Mun Vom 76 months ago | reply

      Hey Ben, with the way this cover look, man I vote for the full book. Is that a possibility?

    7. ky_olsen 76 months ago | reply

      Is there a link to the books that they made available with blank covers?

    8. Ben Templesmith 76 months ago | reply

      @Mun Von Sorry, it's not public domain so it'd be hard unless an existing publisher with the rights to it wanted me to! ( Unlike a Dracula book I'm doing which is easy as it is public domain )

      @ky olsen just google something like "blank covers penguin books" and am sure they'll come up. I forget the link, sorry!

    9. rufusdayglo 76 months ago | reply

      Lovely..Very Ronald of my all time favourite cartoonists.


    10. arnibeck 76 months ago | reply

      they are called mypenguin and can be bought online.

      Ben, you know what to do now ;)


    11. kelticmyst123 69 months ago | reply

      i adore this book! the greatest

    12. mmariacarla [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

      Amazing! I would so buy this.

    13. squirrelsong 59 months ago | reply

      I would so buy it to. For sale by any chance? It's filled my bits with Templesmith love.

    14. Ben Templesmith 57 months ago | reply

      Sadly it sold long ago, to a lucky ebay winner when I auctioned it off.

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